Why ULTRAMAG? Our Design Concept..

All Ultramag audio cables have a push pull magnet system which generates a rich natural dynamic balance over the entire audio spectrum.

We use magnetic Resonance Imaging used in Radiology that form pictures of the anatomy  and  MRI scanner technology the strong magnetic fields help create a new listening experience.

Maglev and Hyperloop technology are also applied combining these two principles together produces a push pull force to reduce the eddy current within the conductive wire. The results are a Ultra low noise floor with explosive dynamics .

The push pull concept acts like a water pump which can speed up water flow along the pipe the magnetic field will reduce the skin effect by deviation of the internal Magnetic field which is induced by the current itself.

The highest quality of materials with the best high power permanent magnets are used the magnets are produced just for us. We also use the UMT cryogenic process to improve upon signal transmission.